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Documenting, Interpreting, Publishing, and Reusing. Linking archaeological reports and excavation archives in the virtual space.

Paula Derudas, Acta Archaeologica Lundensia Series altera in 8°, no 74

Available open access here.

In her PhD thesis, Paola Derudas examines how application of 3D visualization and related digital analytical tools is having a transformative impact on archaeological practice via improvement of visual-spatial thinking and the strengthening of conceptual understanding. However, the deployment of these new digital methods is essentially still at an experimental stage. Therefore, the thesis undertakes a critical evaluation of current progress, identifying both shortcomings and opportunities. It argues that more work is needed to systematically identify and resolve current operational challenges in order to create improved digital frameworks that can strengthen future performance across the wider discipline.

Illumination matters. Revisiting the Roman house in a new light

Danilo Marco Campanaro, Acta Archaeologica Lundensia Series altera in 8°, no 75

Available open access here.

Illumination played a key role in Roman houses, whose owners could only rely on daylight and flames for lighting and heating. The Roman conception of time itself was closely linked to daylight and darkness and the rhythm of the seasons. In addition, lighting strongly influenced the social atmosphere and the quality of the message conveyed to guests about the owner’s wealth and power through the décor. Despite this, social studies on the Roman house have only cursorily addressed this issue. This thesis is the first attempt to address the investigation of the social dynamics of an entire house by including light as a determining agent. Every visible aspect of the Roman house spoke of its owner and his family. But what is visible is also illuminated, in whole or in part, or is completely or partially immersed in shadow. What can the light and shadows reveal about the social dynamics of the Roman house?

juni 13, 2023

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